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City Council extends temporary outdoor dining permits

Because restaurants in the city have expressed a continued desire to give patrons the option to dine outdoors, the City Council has extended the temporary outdoor dining permits until the end of the year. Temporary outdoor dining facilities will now need to be removed by Jan. 10, 2022.

The Recess Room was one of many restaurants to erect temporary outdoor dining areas to give patrons a chance to safely enjoy a meal out in the age of COVID. (Photo courtesy of The Recess Room)

The City Council also approved new standards for permanent outdoor dining for Fountain Valley restaurants. These new standards will allow for permanent outdoor seating in existing sidewalk and patio areas as well as newly constructed patio areas.

Permanent barriers, planters, and railings will be required to ensure the safety of patrons, and temporary tents and “E-Z UPs” will not be allowed.

For more information on permanent outdoor dining and changes to parking regulations, call the Planning Department at (714) 593-4427.

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