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September is ‘Pedestrian Safety Month’

The Fountain Valley Police Department is working with law enforcement agencies across the state to promote safe behaviors that allow drivers and those on foot to get where they need to go safely.

September is Pedestrian Safety Month, and California continues to see more and more pedestrians being injured or killed on roads. In 2016, 867 pedestrians were killed and more than 14,000 injured in California alone.

So far this year no pedestrians have been killed, but seven pedestrians have been injured in incidents in Fountain Valley.

In order to reduce the number of collisions involving pedestrians, the Fountain Valley Police Department will have additional officers on patrol throughout September, specifically focused on drivers and pedestrians who violate traffic laws that increase the risk of crashes.

These violations include speeding, driving or walking distracted and/or impaired, failing to stop for signs and signals, and not yielding to drivers and pedestrians who have the right of way.


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