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Learn how to look good in photos

Do you hate having your photo taken? Here’s a class you’ll want to take.

“Twelve Ways to Look Better in Photos,” a class taught by professional photographer Lynn Seeden, will be offered twice on Wednesday, July 11. Lynn Seeden is an international award-winning photographer.

The first class, set for 2-4 p.m., is for those ages 55 and older.

The same class, open to all ages, will be offered from 6-8 p.m. Both classes are at the Center at Founders Village Senior and Community Center, 17967 Bushard St. Cost is $42 per person.

Do you hide in the back row in group shots? Do you try your best to avoid the camera? Are you waiting to "lose 20 pounds" before allowing your photo to be taken? Then you'll want to take this fun class.

Here’s what you can expect: ~ Get the skinny on flattering poses, how the camera (or cell phone) can take off 10-20 pounds. ~ Learn exactly what makes you look younger (or older). ~ Learn why your clothing choices matter in photos, and we'll even give you tips for toning down those double chins. ~ Learn the secret about the best place to stand in a group photo. (There is a worst place to stand in a group photo). ~ "It's not you ... it's the photographer!" What your photographer must know to help make you look good on camera. ~ Camera or cell phone? We’ll give you the scoop on how to look good (or bad!) with either one. ~ You’ll also get some bonus tips on how to avoid glare on your glasses.

There will be live demonstrations so let Lynn know if you'd like to be one of the "class models."

There will be opportunities to win door prizes.

Photographers, take note: There is some great training information in this class for you, too! To register, go to the front counter at the Senior Center.


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