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FVPD K9 assists Riverside PD with combative suspect

Fountain Valley K9 officer Perro took his show on the road March 12.

The FVPD German shepherd and his handler, Officer Bill Hughes, were on their way to a training class in Riverside when Hughes spotted a Riverside police officer in foot pursuit of a suspect. A second Riverside officer arrived, and they attempted to handcuff the suspect.

However, the suspect was being combative with the officers, the FVPD reported, so Hughes deployed Perro to lend a hand, err paw. Despite being punched by the suspect, Perro was able to help the officers control and handcuff him, police said.

(Editor’s note to bad guys: It’s not smart to punch a police dog.)

The good news: Perro was checked by a veterinarian and is OK. The suspect was booked

on several felony charges, police reported.


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