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Turf at two city parks to be rehabilitated

The city is making plans to rehabilitate the turf at two city parks over the next several months.

Following the state’s lengthy drought situation, city workers have started working on the grass areas of McDowell and Nieblas parks.

Weather permitting, the turf rehabilitation will continue through April.

The first step is a drill and fill process, in which thousands of 1.25-inch diameter holes that are 8 inches deep are drilled and filled with sand to encourage deeper root growth and moisture retention.

After the drill and fill is complete, the area will be hydro seeded. A temporary fence will be installed around the area during this phase to protect the area and give the new grass a chance to establish.

The temporary fencing will remain up until late April and will only limit access to the areas of turf that are being rehabilitated. Playground equipment will be accessible throughout all phases of the project.

For more information, call the city’s public works department at (714) 593-4433.


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