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Fountain Valley Crossings meetings planned for 2017

The creation of a downtown core for Fountain Valley will continue to be explored by the Planning Commission and City Council in 2017, city officials say.

City officials are looking at a new zoning plan known as Fountain Valley Crossings, which would allow property owners in the Crossings area to renovate and upgrade their facilities within the potential downtown area.

Residents and businesses have had numerous opportunities to attend public workshops and share feedback on the concept since the fall of 2014. In 2017, the city will reach out to the public by scheduling a series of outreach meetings focused on the creation of an active and vibrant downtown area for the community.

Fountain Valley Crossings would cover an area located north of Ellis Avenue, south of Talbert Avenue, west of the Santa Ana River Channel, and east of Ward Street. The city plans to adopt a Specific Plan, which would essentially provide new policy direction, zoning regulations, and design standards to an area of town.

The city has engaged the services of a planning firm, which presented a draft of the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan in July of this year to the Planning Commission, City Council, residents and businesses.

The plan provides details on the types of improvements that would be enabled through adoption of the Specific Plan. While the Specific Plan presents new options for businesses and property owners in the area, it does not force or require existing businesses to change or leave the city, officials said.

Meanwhile, the city’s administrative process will oversee the review of a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that will be available for public review and feedback.

A joint-session of the City Council and Planning Commission will review the draft EIR at 6 p.m. Jan. 25 in the City Council chambers located at City Hall, 10200 Slater Ave.

This session will be a public meeting that is open to the public, and residents are welcome to attend and participate.


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