Yes on HH will keep city financially sound

As a resident of Fountain Valley for more than 20 years I was disappointed to read that The Register did not endorse Measure HH. The proposed 1 percent sales tax increase is vital to the long-term financial health of the city of Fountain Valley.

Fountain Valley has more than $120 million in debt (primarily related to pensions obligations). This, combined with the cancellation of California’s Redevelopment Agency program, means that we have run annual deficits for seven of the last nine years. We have managed these deficits with massive budget cuts (over $5 million a year) and with reserves.

Unfortunately, in 2019-2020 the spendable reserves will be gone and the city will face a $4.5 million structural deficit. The ONLY way to balance our budget without Measure HH will be to reduce spending by $4.5 million. To reach that number the city will be forced to make cuts that include closing Fire Station No. 2 and moving to total cost recovery for all our parks, recreation and senior programming.

The 1 percent tax for 20 years was not an arbitrary number. Instead, this measure is part of our 20-year Fiscal Sustainability Plan. If Measure HH passes the city of Fountain Valley will be out of debt in 20 years all while maintaining essential services in our city.

Measure HH also includes a Citizens Oversight Committee and annual independent audits to ensure that the money is spent responsibly. I encourage everyone to vote yes on Measure HH to help keep Fountain Valley a Nice Place to Live.

Matt Taylor

Fountain Valley Resident

Chair, Yes on HH Committee



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