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Man robs FV bank

A man who told a teller he had a bomb escaped with about $500 from the Bank of America branch at 16192 Harbor Blvd. today.

Fountain Valley Police said the lone suspect entered the bank at 3:47 p.m. and approached a teller. The suspect grabbed a hold of the teller’s hand and demanded money. The clerk handed the suspect approximately $500 in U.S. currency and the suspect fled the bank.

As he fled, the suspect said he had a bomb in his backpack, which was left inside of the bank.

The bank was evacuated and the Orange County Bomb Squad was called in. The Bomb Squad determined there were no explosives in the backpack.

The suspect was described as a white male, 40-45 years old, gray beard, wearing a light green khaki colored shirt, unknown colored pants, and a light-colored baseball cap.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is encouraged to contact the Fountain Valley Police Department’s Investigations Bureau at (714) 593-4468.


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