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Recycle your jewelry at Mimi’s

Have you ever wondered if there was any value to that old watch you inherited from your aunt?

David Truong will be happy to tell you.

Most customers come see David at Mimi’s Jewelry in the Callens Corner shopping center because they’re looking for a new ring or watch or necklace or one of David’s custom designs.

But David also invites you to stop by and have him appraise any jewelry or coins you might be curious about. Mimi’s will do a free evaluation.

When he’s completed his appraisal, you may want to keep the jewelry, sell it to Mimi’s for the highest price available, or allow David to use the stones and metals and turn them into a new customized piece of jewelry for you.

“By doing this we are able to pay them the highest price for their jewelry. It is also beneficial for the environment, since we reuse almost all of the materials we buy,” David said. “There are no wasted materials.

“We know from experience with our customers that many people have jewelry that they do not want anymore, but they don’t know what to do with it,” David tells us. “And it’s more than just gold. It’s silver, diamonds, watches, silverware and more.”

Mimi’s will buy more than just gold, incidentally.

“We’ve worked with clients on buying or restoring antique pieces, signed pieces of jewelry,

precious stones, watches—both antique and modern—as well as silverware and other items,” David explained.

He encourages customers to bring in all their jewelry (even broken) if they want to find out its value and what they can do with it.

“People literally bring in their dusty jewelry boxes, bankers boxes, shoeboxes filled with old jewelry or coins,” he said. “We will help you decide which pieces have cash value, which pieces you might want to keep or have redesigned, and then which items are best for garage sale.

And don’t forget about diamonds.

“There are a lot of jewelry buyers who won’t buy small diamonds. But we do because they do have value, and we can reuse them in new pieces we create,” he said.

David says his customers are more than just customers – they become part of the “Mimi’s family.”

“We have developed trust with customers by keeping all their transactions here private and discreet. We respect their privacy and they trust us,” he added.

Mimi's Jewelry is at 18591 Brookhurst St., (714) 964-7851


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