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FVPD arrest two on firearms charges

Fountain Valley Police have arrested two people on charges of prohibited possession of firearms, high capacity magazines and ammunition.

The arrest on December 30, 2015 of Erica Partnoff, 26, and Eder Daniel Pastenesvalladares came when FVPD officers and County Probation Department personnel served a search warrant at the Fountain Valley apartment of the couple.

Both were prohibited from possession of firearms. Partnoff was on probation for a felony conviction and was not allowed to have access to firearms. According to court records, Partnoff was convicted of evading a peace officer, reckless driver and resisting a public or peace officer.

Pastenesvalladares also had a conviction barring him possessing firearms.

According to the Police Department, investigators found one assault rifle and one shotgun and ammunition for both during the search. They also found high capacity magazines for the rifle and drug paraphernalia.


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