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Dates for Christmas Tree recycling announced

The City of Fountain Valley has posted the annual Christmas tree recycling dates and prodcedures. Beginning Monday, December 28, 2015, through Friday, January 15, 2016, Rainbow

Environmental Services will recycle non-artificial Christmas trees placed at the curb for collection.

Flocked trees are also accepted. The collected trees will be shredded and recycled as ground

cover material. Recycling Christmas trees helps to extend the limited lifespan of our local landfills.

Trees should be no taller than 6 feet and have all lights, ornaments, and stands removed. Larger

trees should be cut to a six-foot maximum length. The automated trash collection trucks are not

collecting trees, so please do not block access to the carts and do not put your Christmas tree in

your carts. Extra cardboard from the holidays will be collected for recycling. Simply place flattened

cardboard next to the Christmas tree set out for collection. Old Christmas lights can be recycled by

placing them in the blue recycling cart.

Residents of apartments, condominiums, and townhomes with commercial service (blue dumpster)

should place trees to the side of the dumpster, not in front or on top of the dumpster. Check with

your property manager or HOA for other restrictions.

After January 15, Christmas tree collection will have to be scheduled through Rainbow

Environmental Services as part of their 10/4 Pick-Up Program. For additional information, call

Rainbow Environmental Services at (714) 847-3581, or visit their website at

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