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DA rules police-involved shooting was justified

An April 2015 police officer involved shooting in Fountain Valley has been ruled as justified by the Orange County district Attorney’s office. In their statement the DA’s office said that the shooting death of suspected burglar Dean Genova by Fountain Valley police on April 26 was justified and that Fountain Valley Police Department Officer Shaun McKay acted in a “reasonable” manner because he believed Genova posed a threat to officers on the scene.

Genova, 45, of Corona was shot following an attempted burglary at the RiteAid store on Brookhurst.

Police were called to the store by an employee who found the break-in. Police surrounded the store and attempted to contact Genova inside, but when they did not hear a response, a K-9 officer and others went in, authorities said.

When they attempted to arrest him, Genova apparently bit McKay before grabbing the handgun of another officer, police said. Genova was asked to put down the gun multiple times, but when he refused, McKay fired one bullet that killed him, police said.

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