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City falls short in November on water conservation goals

The city of Fountain Valley is urging residents to be more diligent in conserving water after residents failed to meet the city’s water conservation goal for the month of November, realizing a 17 percent savings over the same month in 2013.

This equates to 17.5 percent of the city’s state-mandated 20 percent goal with a total reduction of 435 million gallons. City officials say the residents can still meet the mandated goal and are asking residents to voluntarily water no more than one day per week.

Post cards were recently mailed out asking residents and businesses to voluntarily water no more than one day per week between Nov. 1, 2015 and March 12, 2016.

City officials challenge residents to increase their diligence during the winter months and be proactive by committing to the one day per week watering schedule.

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