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City wants to develop an assisted living facility

The City of Fountain Valley, and specifically the Fountain Valley Housing Authority (Authority), is seeking someone that can help turn just under four acres of land into a 200 bed assisted living facility.

In the Request for Proposal issued by the city, they are seeking “creative proposals for the purchase and redevelopment of a 3.96 acre parcel into a quality development that will produce up to a 200 bed assisted living facility. The developer or developers must be able to demonstrate proven development and management history of assisted living facilities.”

The site which is located east-central section of the City of Fountain Valley in the County of Orange. It is situated south of Warner Avenue and west of Newhope Street and is commonly known as 11360 WARNER AVENUE. The parcel is located within the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Specific Plan area and would make a very suitable location for an assisted living facility.

Responses to the RFP should be submitted to:

Fountain Valley Authority for Community Development 10200 Slater Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708 ATTN: Matt Mogensen, Interim Planning and Building Director.

All proposals are due no later than September 28, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

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