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Man arrested on marijuana charges

Fountain Valley Police on Tuesday arrested a 25-year-old Anaheim man on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale.

Police officers with a search discovered marijuana being cultivated in a residence in the 10400 block of Circulo De Villa, police Sgt. Ted Valle said.

Investigators said several rooms in the residence were converted and dedicated to the growing operation. The home was equipped with sophisticated ventilation, lighting, ballasts and irrigation systems, along with processing equipment, Valle said.

Approximately 106 marijuana plants at various stages of growth, along with approximately 20 pounds of dried marijuana, were seized from inside the residence, police said.

A representative from Southern California Edison examined the power infrastructure and determined the electricity used to power this operation was being stolen.

The suspect was identified as Kevin Truong, 25 years old, from Anaheim. Truong was booked into Orange County Jail.

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