Hello, Fountain Valley Living Magazine Patrons!

First, a massive THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your donations and support of the magazine since we started, 12 years ago!

Since the magazine’s inception, many neighbors who were once strangers have connected through the magazine, nonprofits have held successful fundraisers and events with the help of our coverage, and local businesses who advertise in Fountain Valley Living have boomed.

This has been a difficult year for us all. COVID-19 and its subsequent mitigation efforts have been hard on Fountain Valley. We're losing Fountain Bowl, among many other valued businesses, seeing nonprofits struggle to stay above water, and watching as restaurants are battered by the on-and-off closures.

The magazine has been deeply affected, too.  

As companies have been forced to either slash marketing budgets or close altogether, we have lost 60% of our core advertisers. Losing Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Hyundai (they have both had a full-page ad for years but now face major budget reductions), along with several of our treasured small-business advertisers, has crippled us. 

The fact is that without advertising revenue, we cannot afford the costs of producing this publication.

It is our hope that our faithful readers and loyal patrons will agree that Fountain Valley needs this magazine to stay. 

Our goal has always been to highlight the amazing spirit of this community by seeking out and chronicling stories of goodwill and fellowship, achievements and triumphs, hard work and kindness, friendship and support—stories you may have otherwise never known about. 

Here's what we are asking from our readers:

  • We humbly ask you to consider renewing your patron gifts.

  • If you have a connection to a potential advertiser, please call us!

  • Purchase a SHOP92708 Coupon Book. It's only $20 (with $8,000 in offers inside). It helps the magazine, helps nonprofits, and helps our local businesses. (Plus it makes a great stocking stuffer!)


How to donate or buy a Coupon Book:

  • Click here (this would be a hyperlink to the PayPal) or go to our website, fountainvalleymagazine.net, and look for the “Patron Donations” button. (I can add that)

  • Mail-in forms (see the forms in the magazine for both Patron Donations and for the Coupon Book).

  • In person at Alex A. Accetta, CPA & Associates (the office of our CFO, Alex), 8840 Warner Ave., Suite 204 (east of Magnolia), (714) 848-9158. You can pick up a SHOP92708 Coupon Book there, too.

Again, we are beyond grateful for the support we have received over the years and we hope to continue our efforts to unite our community. Whether you decide to make a patron donation, buy a coupon book, or refer a new advertiser to us, we thank you. Everything helps!